American Virginia Flue Cured 2019



Cold Macerated over an incredible 18 months, our American Virginia Flue Cured 2019 NET has finally arrived. Much the same as its 2017 predecessor, this NET e-liquid gives a genuine and authentic flavour Virginian tobacco flavour, with a medium body and a slightly nutty taste.

To Enjoy American Virginia

This particular NET pairs really well with beers, cocktails or wine.

Our Naturally Extracted Tobacco Process

Our naturally extracted tobacco is exactly what it sounds like. Whole tobacco leaves are steeped in pure, Pharma Grade Propylene Glycol (or PG) in our ISO clean room. This process, known as Cold Maceration, retains every bit of the pure tobacco leaf flavour. Applying heat would speed up the process but will reduce the flavour and may cause the release of nicotine from the leaves. We will never use heat and therefore produce the most flavoursome of natural tobacco vapes.
We use a nine month cold steeping method using only the finest tobacco leaves, sourced from some of the best tobacco producers around the world. Each leaf is allowed to render its own signature flavour note.

NETS or Artificial Tobacco Flavours?

There are many man-made tobacco concentrates available in the flavour market, but they all fail to deliver the pure, rich complex flavours that we achieve with our natural process.
We do not add any artificial ingredients to our NET e-liquids. All the flavour and sweetness come directly from the tobacco leaves.
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