Maximise Your Battery's Lifespan

Maximise Your Battery's Lifespan

Get ready to maintain your vaping gear at its best! We understand your profound love for your vaping kit, but let's face it—your device wouldn't function without its battery. To ensure your e-cig operates like a seasoned pro, it's crucial to care of that battery!


Switch Off Your E-Cigarette During Inactivity

First and foremost, don't overlook the importance of turning off your e-cig when it's not in use. Neglecting this practice slowly drains the battery, and that's far from ideal.


Regularly Utilise Your E-Cigarette

Consistently using your e-cigarette is the key to maintaining its top-notch condition. Your battery craves regular activity to stay in peak form. If you let your device sit idle, it'll begin to lose its precious power. To keep your battery performing like a champ, make sure to use your device regularly, even for quick vaping sessions.


Select the Correct Charger

Always remember to use the appropriate charger! Not all chargers are created equal. Stick to the original charger and cable that came with your device, and refrain from purchasing cheap replacements. Safety should always be your top priority. Once the battery reaches full charge, unplug it from the charger.


Avoid Draining Your Batteries Completely

Resist the temptation to drain your e-cig battery to its lowest capacity. Trust us, the risk of damaging your battery isn't worth it. Instead, recharge it when it's only partially empty. By doing so, you'll ease the strain on the battery and extend its longevity.


Invest in Multiple Batteries

Consider investing in more than one battery to rotate them as if they're your loyal squad. This practice ensures that you always have a fully charged battery at your disposal.


Maintain Battery Hygiene

It's no secret that your e-cig's battery can become quite unsightly in no time. Constantly being shifted around in your grimy pockets or bags, it might even be a victim of an e-liquid spill or two. Yuck. When the battery is covered in grime, the connection between it and your e-cig weakens, forcing the battery to work harder. No one wants a weak battery, so make sure to give it a thorough clean every now and then.


Protect Your Battery from Extreme Cold

Have you ever braved the cold winter air to vape, only to find your e-cigarette battery mysteriously dying before you could even take a puff? Well, it turns out your battery is just like you—it despises the cold. The battery's voltage decreases in cold temperatures, reducing its power output. So, if you want your battery to operate seamlessly during winter, make sure not to leave it out in the cold.

Follow these guidelines, and your vaping device will continue to provide you with flavourful satisfaction while maintaining its battery's health.

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