Over 400 new products.

Over 400 new products.

The first thing that comes to mind for most when you mention DarkStar is one thing: crystal clear nicotine.

While all of our Short FIll products now come with those industry leading nic shots as standard, there's a few other benefits that come with partnering with an independent industry leader- a little over 400 in fact.

DIY Single Flavour Concentrates

We're now offering hundereds of premium concentrates as a part of our DIY lineup. Top graded flavours from industry giants such as Inawera, TFA, and Capella.

DIY Dilutant and Accessories

Everything you need to mix your own juice. The extra bits that you need to combine with our concentrates to create a complete e-liquid ranging from Base Mix, Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Syringes, Bottles, and more.

An Expanded Hardware Range

We don't dabble in disposables- the best way to enjoy properly brewed juice is on properly built hardware. From Pod systems to masterfully hand crafted Coils by Scott we've got everything you'll need to vapourise your juice.

Unique One Shot Recipes

We're now offering the extended DarkStar family of brands as One Shot concentrates on our store. Award winning flavour concentrates from brands like DarkStar Originals, Lickwid, DSV, COSMIX, and more. Why not try something new?


That's all great, but what about my old favourite flavours?

There's a good chunk of our existing flavours that didn't make the cut into our refreshed offering. For full transparency- this is because they didn't sell amazingly well, and keeping them in our offering just wasn't viable. This includes products from the Juice Cabin and Simply Leaf ranges. If you're looking for Northern Comfort, it's on it's way.

Wait, what about Hookah Bar?

Good question- it's on its way as the same old flavours with a refreshed look. There's been a small delay with some ingredients which is why it's not available at launch but look forward to that in the coming weeks.


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