Perfecting Your Nicotine Hit: A Guide for Vapers

Perfecting Your Nicotine Hit: A Guide for Vapers

Kicking the habit is challenging enough, and finding the right nicotine hit for your vape device can be just as daunting. You'll might notice that we have now added Long Fills to our catalogue of products, offering you even more customisation when it comes to your nicotine content. But worry not, because we've put together this blog to help you achieve the perfect nicotine hit without any harshness or dissatisfaction.


For High-Powered Devices

If you're using high-powered mods, opt for e-liquids with lower nicotine content due to the increased vapour production. Switching from a low-powered device? Stay away from high nicotine content (18mg, 12mg, 8mg) in 10ml liquids, as it can result in a harsh throat hit. Start with a 3mg concentration and adjust as needed. Our One Shots, Short Fills, and Bottle Shots make it easy to customise your nicotine content. Simply add nicotine shots for the desired strength. Visit our product pages or check the labels for instructions on achieving the perfect nicotine level.


For Low-Powered Devices

Conversely, low-powered devices like pens and pods perform best with higher nicotine content, a fact that may come as a surprise. The 3mg-6mg liquids suitable for high-powered mods might not provide the same satisfaction in devices with lower power output. Increase the nicotine content to achieve the desired effect. To reach a higher strength like this, check out our 'Long Fill' products. Simply add 4 freebase nicotine shots to reach 12mg, or 4 nic salt shots to reach 14mg. If you would like a lower nic content in your Long Fill, just add some VG or PG instead to dilute the amount to your desired final strength.


Dealing with Harsh Nicotine

If you crave a nicotine buzz but experience a burning sensation in your throat, consider trying nicotine salts. These offer a smoother, more satisfying nicotine hit, akin to regular nicotine but with enhanced smoothness and satisfaction.In conclusion, select your nicotine level carefully to elevate your vaping experience. Should you have any queries, reach out to us at

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