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Ecuadorian Green Candela Wrapper - NET Concentrate

Ecuadorian Green Candela Wrapper - NET Concentrate

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Cold Macerated over an incredible 18 months, our Ecuadorian Green Candela Wrapper NET has an incredible and unique flavour unlike any of the other Naturally Extracted Tobaccos in our range.  An almost zesty flavour, this fine liquid can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with some of our other pure NET’s to create a unique flavour twist.

Vaping this liquid, expect a herbal, grassy and creamy flavour with some notes reminiscent of a citrus zest.  It’s simply divine.

What is Green Candela?

Green Candela cigars were at one time the most popular types of cigars on the market, so much so that in the USA were known as American Market Selection.  Between 1958 and the early 1970’s, of the billions of cigars sold and smoked in that time the majority of them were green!  President John F. Kennedy was a green cigar aficionado!

Green Candela is typically used as a wrapper leaf, light green in colour and incredibly thing.  Leaves are dried at high temperature, very quickly and this process allows the chlorophyll to be trapped in the leaf giving it its distinct jade colour.

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